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Capsylite PAR16 Flood Light Bulbs

Capsylite PAR16 flood light bulbs.
Capsylite PAR16 flood light bulbs.
Price: $10.61

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Capsylite PAR16 light bulbs have been a favorite as a small flood light, high output flood light. They emit a very white light which produces a wonderful color plus and excellent lighting effect. These lamps are very small, only 2 inches at the opening of the reflector, but they produce a lot of light and have great been control. These bulbs are the answer for people who want lots of light and can work in almost any light fixture they may have. The Sylvania brand have a ceramic outer shell which helps dissipate heat. It comes in either to wattages although most of the time now only the 60 watt is going to be available. Due to energy legislation most bulbs have to conform to a lower wattage. There still are some 75 watt left, but they are going out of stock fast and all that you're going to be able to get is the lower 60 watt version of the PAR16. The way this bulb is configured it can be used in almost any light fixture that you have with a medium base. Just make sure that the fixture has a wattage rating that can handle this type of bulb. Also be aware that these lamps get very hot and should not be touched until they're totally cooled off if you're changing them out. There hot enough to burn your skin and so it's good to be careful.

Product features:

- 60 or 75 watts.
- Capsylite PAR16 light bulbs have a ceramic casing.
- Overall length of 2.75 inches.
- Narrow flood or narrow spot beam.

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