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Canopy Fluorescent 9x9 Surface Mount Light Fixture

Canopy 9x9 surface mount light fixture
Price: $112.67

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Canopy fluorescent 9x9 surface mount light fixtures are perfect for any application where you want to save energy while still providing an adequate amount of light. Many people like the instant-on capability of the 42 watt CFL, and the heavy duty construction for years of service. The 42 watt bulb inside which is equivalent to about a 150 watt light bulb. It runs on electronic ballast and start at very low temperatures even below zero. The polycarbonate lens is unbreakable and it helps distribute the light evenly in every direction while providing a certain amount of visual comfort, reducing glare. There is a choice of white or bronze color on the trim.

Product features:

- 42 watt compact fluorescent.

- 120 volt electronic ballast.

- Polycarbonate, unbreakable lens.

- UL listed for wet locations.

- Includes lamp.

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