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BR40 Full Spectrum Flood Light Bulbs

BR40 full spectrum flood light bulbs with a 5 inch reflector and whiter light.
Price: $10.76
Item Number: BLF13402

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BR40 full spectrum flood light bulbs are available in the 5 inch or BR40 size seen here. Used in 6 inch recessed down lights everywhere but are also used in track lighting in some situations. These have a neodymium coating like other full spectrum light bulbs which filter out the yellows that some people don't like. This makes them a good way to bring out colors in your home or in a retail application, it makes a difference in all kinds of presentation. The light they emit is whiter and truer to natural daylight than any other incandescent lamp on the market today.

Product features:
- 65 watts.
- BR40 has a 5 inch diameter across the face.
- Use it in recessed or track lighting.
- Average rated life of 3500 hours.

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