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BR40 Full Spectrum Flood Light Bulbs

BR40 full spectrum flood light bulbs with a 5 inch reflector and whiter light.
Price: $10.76
BR40 full spectrum flood light bulbs are available in the 5 inch or BR40 size seen here. Used in 6 inch recessed down lights everywhere but are also used in track lighting in some situations. These have a neodymium coating like other full spectrum light bulbs which filter out the yellows that some people don't like. This makes them a good way to bring out colors in your home or in a retail application, it makes a difference in all kinds of presentation. The light they emit is whiter and truer to natural daylight than any other incandescent lamp on the market today. These also have a flattering effect for skin tones and so it's going to make you look better underneath this light. Plants love them to because it's more like the natural light that they are used to. The 5 inch diameter size will also fill out any recessed light that you have giving at the best possible look up in the fixture. The reason they cost more is because of the coating used to filter out the yellows of incandescent lighting. These only come in 65 watt now because of energy legislation, but for those of you who really like a full-spectrum light then you're going to love these. It's a beautiful lighting effect that will make everything look better in your interior space whether it's your office or your home.

Product features:
- 65 watts.
- BR40 has a 5 inch diameter across the face.
- Use it in recessed or track lighting.
- Average rated life of 3500 hours.
Item Number: BLF13402

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