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BR40 Colored Flood Light Bulbs

BR40 colored flood light bulbs in red, green, blue, yellow, pink and amber.
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BR40 colored flood light bulbs come in red, blue, green, amber and pink. They are rated at 2,000 hours which means they'll last about 2 times longer than the average retail store bulb. These bulbs come in 120 watts and have smooth finish which gives a flood appearance. The BR40 size is the exact size of a large household flood which is 5 inches. One of the reasons people use this larger size is to totally fill out a recessed lighting fixture. It does have the great desired effect of a complete source of light that covers the interior of the fixture. And with this choice of colors, you can get almost any kind of effect that you want regardless of the occasion. These have the same household base as any other standard light bulb so you can use these in almost any type of light fixture as long as there rated up to 120 watts. It's important to look at the label inside the fixture and see what the maximum wattage rating that it can handle. That's important because you don't want to overheat the fixture and cause damage. Of course people use this for all kinds of holiday lighting and that's where red and green and blue are most often used. The beam angle is very wide so you can cover a large area with the colors that you want.

Product features:
- Red, green, blue, amber and pink.
- 5" face diameter.
- 120 watts.
- Sometimes the size is referred to as an R40 flood.
- Standard household E26 light bulb base.

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