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BR30 Halogen Flood Light Bulbs

BR30 halogen flood light bulbs provide more light with less glare.
Price: $8.48

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BR30 halogen flood light bulbs save energy while giving you the same smooth illumination as the old incandescent version. The 3.75 inch diameter and acid etched finish will provide even, appealing light everywhere. The base and physical size is no different than the incandescent floods you've used before so it's easy to change to a halogen source without sacrificing the look you want. It come in 60 or 65 watts and provide the same amount of light as 75R30's from years past. You'll enjoy the smooth lighting it gives eliminating scalloping or light spots leaving you only even light throughout the space or room. This halogen version is still very popular with many people as they want to keep that incandescent type of look which is very appealing in many situations. Sometimes the newer more energy-efficient sources save money but they don't look very flattering. This is a case where you can still get something that is halogen with that classic flood light bulb shape. It does make a difference for some situations where nothing else will look as good no matter how good the energy savings are. That's something to always keep in mind, if the light doesn't look good then no amount of energy savings is going to make it better. So it really becomes a subjective choice, what you really want in your lighting system.

Product features:
- 2,000 hour average rated life.
- 3.75" face diameter.
- Choice of 60 or 65 watt.
- Standard household medium base.
- Smooth acid etched reflector face.
- Dimmable.
- 65BR30/H

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