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Bollard Light Fixture

Bollard light fixtures.
Bollard light fixtures.
Price: From $656.05 to $870.24

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Bollard light fixtures can be used in many applications where an area needs to be lit throughout the whole night. These fixtures have a reflector that projects light down and out into walkway and entry areas. It's perfect as an entry and walkway light but could be used any number of places that need a controlled light source. It comes as your choice of metal halide or compact fluorescent light source.

- Die Cast Aluminum Top.
- Round Top 41.375 H x 8 Dia.
- One piece extruded aluminum body.
- Flat Top 41 H x 8 Dia.
- Smooth Black Finish.
- Anchor Bolts & Templates Included.
- Choice of metal halide, compact fluorescent or LED.

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