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Black Light Flood Bulbs

Black light flood bulbs for special effect lighting.
Black light flood bulbs for special effect lighting.
Price: $8.06
Black light flood light bulbs have an R25 shape which is the size of a regular flood bulb that you would use in a home. These will bring about the desired black light effect although these are not as good as the fluorescent versions. You can use these anywhere you use a standard light bulb, but it's best to use them where the lighting application fits. These are sometimes used to simulate a night sky or create the black lighting effect with posters and other kinds of luminescent paint. Keep in mind that these are an incandescent source of light so they're going to create a black color that is filtered. It doesn't come from the filament but is a standard bulb which has been coated with a special black light coating. But for many people, this is exactly what they're looking for, a low cost black light bulb that will deliver and affect for many types of festive occasions. This is also a light that's used in some types of stage productions where there is a need to have a night sky effect. It has a standard E26 medium base which is a household light bulb base, so it should be able to be used anywhere you have a regular socket. It operates on 120 volts which is the US standard for nearly any outlet and light fixture. It's a good way to have black lighting if you just need a simple effect for a party or other kinds of occasions.

Product features:
- 75 watts.
- Medium, standard light bulb base.
- Black light coating.
Item Number: BLF10368

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