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Black Light Blue Bulbs

Black light blue bulbs are for any application that needs a special light that creates the black lighting effect so many people are familiar with. It could be anything from black lighting posters and products to stage lighting. The effect is what people commonly see with pigments used for this specific effect. They come in a variety of types including fluorescent to incandescent, making it possible to get this black light effect in any light fixture you may have. Be aware that the fluorescent versions of these lights will give the better effect when it comes to painted or printed materials while the incandescent version are an excellent for parties or stage lighting. The linear fluorescent will run off the same ballasts as standard fluorescent lamps, so they can be used in the same light fixture. Some of the items you see here have an integral ballast or no ballast at all as in the case of the incandescent or halogen.
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Black light bulbs
Black Light Bulbs
Price: $4.70
Black Light Bulbs
Fluorescent black light for many kinds of special effects lighting.
Fluorescent Black Light Bulbs
Price: From $10.63 to $46.04
Fluorescent Black Light Bulbs
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