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Appliance Light Bulbs

Appliance light bulbs.
Appliance light bulbs.
Price: $1.48

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Appliance light bulbs have a traditional A15 shape which is smaller than a regular light bulb that you would use in a home. They are made smaller to fit into ovens, tight spaces and even ceiling fans many times. The neck is shorter and the bulb portion is smaller than the common style A19. You can use these anywhere you use a standard light bulb, but it's best to use them where the lighting application fits. As an oven light bulb, these have been the type that's been used for a few decades, so if you're looking for that, this is probably the right one. Some of that is changing, but it's still the most common for the application. Microwave ovens are usually a different type. Appliance light bulbs go out from time to time, so keep some extras on hand.

Product features:
- A variety of wattage.
- A15 shape.
- Frosted or clear.
- Medium, standard light bulb base.
- Average rated life of 2000 hours.
- Appliance light bulbs for ovens and small light fixtures.

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