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Maxlite Acrylic CFL High Bay Light Fixture

Acrylic CFL high bay light fixture.
Acrylic CFL high bay light fixture.Acrylic high bay lens option
Price: From $184.08 to $217.40

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Maxlite acrylic CFL high bay light fixture with 150 or 200 watt providing instant-on capability with excellent energy efficiency. The high illumination comes with a choice of high wattage compact fluorescent with a screw-in base. These can replace a 400 watt metal halide light giving you a fast payback on any energy saving project while delivering excellent illumination. The housing is powered to a 120 volt standard grounded plug. It doesn't get any easier to save energy conveniently. You'll be able to use these in warehouses, gymnasiums, plant lighting and much more. The reflector of the acrylic CFL high bay light fixture is a prismatic reflector, for good spread of light in the space. It's not just for energy savings, for a lot of people they like the aesthetic of the more industrial look for places like retail lighting as well as garages. In fact, this is a great light for those kinds of applications because they don't have the high glare that some of the older HID lights had. And for those of you who want to completely conceal the light behind the prismatic acrylic, there's also a drop lens that's available for the bottom of the fixture. You can also move these very easily in the future. All you have to do is unplug from the existing outlet and the hook can be placed elsewhere in the space. This makes it a perfect light fixture for a changing space offering the greatest flexibility for changes later on.

Product features:
- Choice of 150 or 200 watt lamp included.
- Instant-on.
- 120 volt.
- Optional drop bottom lens.
- Excellent color rendition.
- Construction: One piece 16.5 inch prismatic reflector, includes lamps with hanging hook.
- Easy to install connecting to 120 volt standard grounded outlet.
- Die-cast housing with electrical box and malleable hook (lamp included).

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