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T5 High Output Fluorescent 2 Lamp Strip Light Fixture

T5 high output fluorescent 2 lamp strip light fixture for display lighting.
T5 high output fluorescent 2 lamp strip light fixture for display lighting.
Price: $70.70

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T5 high output fluorescent 2 lamp strip light fixtures are for a simple look to create high illumination in almost any area you want. Often used in backlighting, display and general lighting where an inexpensive but functional light is needed. It has an electronic ballast that has a 120/277 universal voltage which automatically senses what voltage you have, so it will work in almost any area whether it be a commercial building, home or warehouse area. The two lamp fixture is available for F24T5/HO, F39T5/HO, F54T5/HO lamps which are purchased separately. It varies in length making it perfect for many smaller applications including utility areas as well as lit ceilings and display. If you've never used a high output light fixture, you'll be impressed by lumen output from such thin tubes. And because it has a low profile and width, it's perfect for areas where you don't want it to be seen. Some good applications would be general lighting, suspended, or ceiling mounted but it would also work for cove lighting just as well. Any place you need maximum lighting in a small or narrow space, this would be a good choice to accomplish that. This is an energy efficient light fixture with the ballast and lamps being the latest in fluorescent lighting to cut electrical costs. They offer some of the greatest flexibility when it comes to how they can be used.

Product features:
- Ballasts designed for dual T5 high output lamps.
- Does not include lamp.
- Perfect for all kinds of general lighting.
- Dimension:
     21.6" x 2" x 1.6"
     33.3" x 2" x 1.6"
     45.3" x 2" x 1.6"
- 120 / 277 volt universal electronic ballast.

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