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Sylvania Tru-Aim IR MR16 Halogen Light

Sylvania Tru-Aim IR MR16 creates the same light output for less watts.
Price: $12.36

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Sylvania Tru-Aim IR MR16 halogen light bulbs have a special infrared reflective coating that makes the filament more efficient. That means that you can save energy over standard MR16 lamps. For example, if you use a 50 watt MR16, you can use a 37 watt IR and save 13 watts while maintaining light output. These Sylvania Tru-Aim MR16 lamps have a 2 inch diameter at the opening of the reflector and a dichroic coating. You'll find these ideal for any kind of display or for use in a home lighting situation. Saving energy without any sacrifice in light output from Sylvania.

- 12 volts.
- Choice of wattage and beam.
- 5.3mm between pins on center.
- 2 inch diameter at the reflector opening.
- 5000 hour average rated life.

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