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Sylvania Lumalux 70 Watt High Pressure Sodium Light Bulbs

Sylvania Lumalux 70 watt high pressure sodium light bulbs.
Price: $16.47

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Sylvania Lumalux 70 watt high pressure sodium light bulbs with a choice of bases and are used for general lighting and security. This is the a common wattage with the golden white color. You've probably seen them in wallpack outdoor lighting where energy efficiency is very important. If you need a light fixture that uses these, they are sometime labeled as HPS lamps as well. They have a long life and are a very reliable light source.

- 70 watts.
- 24,000 hours.
- A golden white or yellowish light.
- Medium or mogul base.
- Clear or coated.
- Sylvania Lumalux spec sheet.

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