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R20 Compact Fluorescent Black Light Flood Bulbs

R20 compact fluorescent black light flood bulbs for special effect lighting.
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Item Number: BLF15484

R20 CFL black light flood bulbs give the fluorescent black light effect and creates a directed beam of the colored effect. This works anywhere a standard R30 flood light would be used and is 9 watts. You can use these anywhere you use a standard light bulb, but it's best to use them where the lighting application fits. These are sometimes used to simulate a night sky or create the black lighting effect with posters and other kinds of luminescent paint.

Product features:
- 9 watts.
- Medium, standard light bulb base.
- 2.5 inch reflector face.
- 10000 hour rated life.
- Energy saving.
- Excellent black light effect.

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