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Philips MasterColor Ceramic Metal Halide CDM-R111

Philips MasterColor ceramic metal halide CDM-R111
Price: $70.97

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Beam spread:
Philips MasterColor ceramic metal halide CDM-R111 is the latest in metal halide lighting. The AR111 style incorporates this shielded lamp reducing glare but giving excellent beam control. These are fast becoming a suitable replacement for the halogen version which uses more power. The shielded light makes it possible to use this in places where a pure white light is needed with maximum light control. The large reflector allows a tighter beam at greater distances positioning the light fixtures out of the way.

Product features:
- Choice of wattage.
- GX8.5 base.
- Available in wide flood, flood and spot beam.
- Philips MasterColor ceramic metal halide deliver a brilliant white light.
- Operates on electronic ballasts.
- 3000K color.
- 3.25 inch diameter.

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