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LED 4 Watt Replacement for Linestra / Philinea 35 Watt Light Bulbs

LED replacement for Linestra / Philinea type light bulbs with a 4 watt for a flattering lighting effect.
LED replacement for Linestra / Philinea type light bulbs with a 4 watt for a flattering lighting effect.
Price: $24.71
LED replacement for Linestra / Philinea type light bulbs with an 4 watt rating replaces 35 watt linestra or Philinea that are 11 3/4 inches long. It comes with a double prong base for a standard connection and it's the longest version in the LED linestra type of lamp. The light they produce is very flattering to skin tones and is equal in light output to the old inefficient incandescent Linestra light bulbs. In side by side comparisons of the quality and quantity of light, experts could not tell which one was the LED and which was the incandescent. This version is the shortest one available and is a better choice over the 35 watt incandescent because it's longer lasting and there is no problem in getting this for future use. In the past, there were times when the 35 watt was not available and this replacement option solves that problem. Along with the availability, these are also rated at 50,000 hours meaning you'll save over $450 in lamp replacements costs, not to mention over 90% energy savings. If you're like most people, the lamps themselves probably don't get a lot of use, so if you have something so long lasting, you may never have to change them for the next 20 years! Often because of their short length, these might be used in conjunction with other longer versions of this same bulb. But because of the way they're made you will have consistency of light from your 12 inch to your 20 inch all the way up to the 39 inch. You won't see any variance in light output and it should give you the nice even light you're looking for.

Product features:
- A flattering light for flesh tones.
- 4 watts.
- 120 volt.
- 50,000 hours.
- 300 lumens.
- Not dimmable.
- Most common use in bathroom vanity mirrors.
- 2700K color equal to the incandescent version.
- Length is 11 4/5" inches, 30cm.
- 5 year warranty.

Item Number: BLF15396

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