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8 Foot 2 Lamp F32T8 Retrofit Kit Without Ballast

F96 8 foot single retrofit kit without ballast converting 8 foot lamps to 4 foot.
F96 8 foot single retrofit kit without ballast converting 8 foot lamps to 4 foot.
Price: $19.72
F96 T8 retrofit kit is a complete set of hardware components that allow you to convert 1 lamp 8 foot fixtures to a 2 lamp T8 configuration. This one comes WITHOUT BALLAST so you can use any ballast you choose. It's an easy retrofit that eliminates the need for long, cumbersome 8 foot lamp to more convenient 4 foot. It saves energy simply by converting 8 foot T12 slimline lamps to T8's. Imagine having only one type of fluorescent lamp in use whether it be in an office or warehouse. It's so much easier to maintain as well. Remember this particular version comes WITHOUT BALLAST, we have other retrofit kits with the ballast at the bottom of the page.

Product features:
- Brackets with sockets that convert slimline T12 to 2 lamp F32T8.
- Metal brackets.
- Standard T8 fluorescent sockets.
- Saves energy.
- Consolidates lamp types in a facility.
Item Number: BLF13566

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