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F20T12 Pink Fluorescent Light Bulbs

F20T12 pink fluorescent light bulbs create a perfect pink effect.
Price: $16.06
F20T12 pink fluorescent light bulbs are a standard T12 style that create a perfect pink color. These lamps are a 24 inch and they produce a lot of light and with pink color that makes an excellent accent. These will work in almost any common T12 fixture, so no new ballast is necessary. That's why these bulbs been the choice of many commercial users using them in special places to highlight product or create attention. It's also a great choice for special lighting effects. This pink color is probably one of the most unusual colors but the effect is stunning. It's a pure pink, not something with a filter as the pink color comes directly from the phosphors inside the lamp. So it's going to give you this rich pink color rather than something that is a light pink. These are only 2 feet long and they have to be used on a magnetic ballast in almost every case. If you don't have a fixture that have these type of ballasts, then it's something you probably can't use and you may want to consider the 4 foot version in T12 or T8 lamps. These of also been a great choice for certain types of stage production where a small light fixture is necessary to create a minor accent of pink. It also happens to be very good with skin tones and makes everyone look better such as in restaurants or bars. We have these available and can ship these out immediately for your next display or special occasion.

Product features:

- Same size as standard F20T12.
- 20 watts only.
- 24 inch.
- Rich pink color.
Item Number: BLF16392

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