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F15T8 Fluorescent Single Strip Light Fixture

F15T8 fluorescent strip light fixture for display lighting..
F15T8 fluorescent strip light fixture for display lighting..
Price: $35.34
Item Number: BLF12946

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F15T8 fluorescent single strip light fixture for a simple look to create light in almost any area you want. Often used in backlighting and display where an inexpensive but functional light is needed. It's a 120 volt so it will work in almost any area whether it be a home or residential center. The single lamp is available for an F15T8 lamp which is purchased separately. It's 18 inch length makes it perfect for many smaller applications including utility areas as well as lit ceilings and display.

Product features:
- Ballasts designed for single F15T8 lamps.
- Does not include lamp.
- Perfect for all kinds of backlighting.
- Dimension: 18" x 2.75" x 1.8"
- 120 volt.

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