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Emergi-Lite 12CL Emergency Light Battery 6V 5Ah

Emergi-Lite emergency light - exit sign battery 6 volt 5AH
Price: $42.71
Emergi-Lite 12CL model emergency light NiCad battery replacement. From time to time, emergency light batteries need to be replaced with new batteries. The sizes vary depending on the unit and the manufacturers specifications of the light itself. These are rated with a voltage and amp-hour designation, that along with the dimensions for each battery, you should be able to determine if you have the right one. Emergency lighting typically uses these types of NiCad batteries for keeping lighting on for specified time which is 90 minutes. Keep your emergency light system running properly by testing the units once a month and replacing batteries as needed.

Product features:
- NiCad emergency light battery.
- 6 Volt
- 5 AH
- Weight: .6 lbs.
Item Number: BLF15064

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