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EYE Lighting Ignitron High Pressure Sodium Bulbs

EYE Lighting Ignitron high pressure sodium light bulbs
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EYE Lighting ignitron high pressure sodium light bulbs have a built-in FEC ignitor, which eliminates the need for starter replacement. Giving a low lamp failure rate that greatly reduces overall maintenance costs and the cycling effect that HPS lamps have at the end of life. This will eliminate ballast failures due to starter related problems. They look the same as any high pressure sodium lamp, but when installing, you will need to disconnect the existing ignitor in the ballast area.

- A golden white or yellowish light.

- 30,000 hour average rated life on most wattage

- Long life performance backed up by a manufacturers limited warranty of 3 years.

- Ignitron lamps pass EPA, TCLP test criteria nonhazardous waste.

- Low mercury content.

- Nickel-plated base will not seize in the socket eliminating additional labor and spare parts associated with prying a lamp base out of a fixture socket.

- We will provide easy ballast ignitor disconnect instructions.

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