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BR40 Compact Fluorescent Black Light Flood Bulbs

R40 compact fluorescent black light flood bulbs for special effect lighting.
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BR40 CFL black light flood bulbs give off the dark fluorescent lighting effect. This works anywhere a standard 5 inch reflector R40 or BR40 flood light would be used and is 20 watts. You can use these anywhere you use a standard light bulb, but it's best to use them where the lighting application fits. These are sometimes used to simulate a night sky or create the black lighting effect with posters and other kinds of luminescent paint. It's an excellent choice for Halloween displays because all it takes is a standard household socket to screw into, making it a simple solution to get the effect. It's the same deep purple phosphor that you see in regular linear fluorescent lighting of this type, so it does the same job. Because it's a CFL and not a linear source of light, the amount of light won't be as much as say a strip light would be with a T8 or T12 lamp, but if it's close enough to the object being lit, it should deliver the desired black light. If you're using them in recessed or track lighting, it will be important to turn off all other white light sources that can wash out the light it gives. If you have any questions regarding this or any other black light we sell, we can help you choose the right one for your display or party.

- 20 watts.
- Medium, standard light bulb base.
- 10,000 hour rated life.
- Energy saving compact fluorescent.
- Excellent black light effect.
- Non-dimmable, only full light output.
- Use an on/off switch only.

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