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8 Lamp Fluorescent High Bay Light Fixture

8 lamp fluorescent high bay light fixture
8 lamp fluorescent high bay light fixture
Price: $252.70
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Item Number: BLF15287

8 lamp enclosed high bay fluorescent light fixture has a more finished look and can be used for many types of places that need high light output. It replaces HID lighting and qualifies for utility rebates in many parts of the US. The die-formed steel housing is standard with the exclusive white finish. Many building owners and managers have replaced less efficient sources while delivering an even, consistent light regardless of the lighting application. When you need a lot of light such as in gymnasiums, production facilities or just a warehouse, this larger high bay fluorescent light will provide the light levels that you would need to replace HID lighting. It utilizes eight F54T5 light bulbs which are high-output variety and in many cases this good replace almost up to 1000 watt metal halide. If you need help with a layout of where the fixtures would go or the light levels that you need, we can help you with that as well. It's a great application for many situations that need high illumination for whatever kind of activity is going on. It's also a low maintenance product, with electronic ballasts that are guaranteed for five years but should last for over twenty and the light bulbs that are used in this type of fixture have an extremely long life.

Product features:
- 120/277 volt.
- T5/HO Electronic ballast.
- Dimension: 48" x 19.875" x 3.9"
- 95% mirrored reflector with wide distribution.
- 8 lamp F54T5/HO configuration.
- Used in gyms, industrial and commercial lighting.
- Does not include lamps.

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