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65 Watt R30 Halogen Flood Light Bulbs

75 watt R30 halogen flood light bulbs
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Item Number: BLF16953

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65 watt R30 halogen flood light bulbs are the lower wattage R30 type which replaces a typical 85 or 90 watt incandescent flood saving energy. It's a perfect way to get the light you still want in something more efficient. The reflector face is diffuse with an acid etched finish, perfect to spread the light a wide beam pattern, perfect for low ceilings or recessed lighting in a home. These are the exact size of a medium standard household flood that you use now.

- 65watts.
- 120 volt.
- 1020 lumens.
- 3.75" face diameter.
- Crisp, white halogen light.
- 2500 hours.

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