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65 Watt BR30 Pink Flood Light Bulbs

65 watt BR30 pink flood light bulbs for special effect colored lighting.
Price: $4.95
65 watt BR30 pink flood light bulbs comes in the color which bring out natural flesh tones and a warmer color appearance. They are rated at 2,000 hours which means they'll last about 2 times longer than the average retail store bulb. These bulbs have a frosted finish which gives a smooth flood appearance. The BR30 size is the exact size of a small standard household flood. These are most commonly used in restaurants, but there are many other places where getting a better colored effect is desired. It truly makes a difference in making a room or area more inviting.

Product features:
- A wonderful pink color.
- 3.75" face diameter.
- 65 watts.
Item Number: BLF11630

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