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60 Watt PAR30 Long Neck Narrow Spot Halogen Light Bulbs

75 watt PAR30 long neck narrow spot halogen light bulbs save energy.
Price: $6.10
60 watt PAR30 long neck narrow spot halogen light bulbs have a more focused beam of light for many types of highlighting, even general lighting. Because of their compact size and superior light control, they are used in retail to highlight product with an excellent lighting effect. The long neck version you see here will fit into tight fixtures better when the socket is recessed further up inside. This 60 watt version saves energy over 100 watt BR30 incandescent lamp which is a natural replacement. Often called NSP which stands for narrow spot in most manufacturers descriptions.

Product features:

- Length: 4.625 inches.
- Beam: narrow spot 9 degree (NSP).
- Can be used in indoor or outdoor lighting situations.
- Average rated life of 2500 hours.
- 60 watt replaces 75 watt no longer made due to energy legislation.
- 120 volt.
Item Number: BLF13570

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