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60 Watt BR30 Halogen Flood Light Bulbs

60 watt BR30 halogen flood light bulbs provide more light with less glare.
Price: $6.12
60 watt BR30 halogen flood light bulbs save energy over standard 75 or even 85 watt incandescent floods. So you can save money while getting a better quality light, one that offers a crisp, whiter light. The reflector face is diffuse with an acid etched finish, perfect to spread the light a wide beam pattern, perfect for low ceilings or recessed lighting in a home. The long, 2500 hour rating means you won't change light bulbs as often. These are the exact size of a medium standard household flood that you've probably been using for years. No sacrifice in lighting while you save energy!

Product features:
- 60 watts.
- 120 volt.
- 750 lumens.
- 3.75" face diameter.
- Crisp, white halogen light.
Item Number: BLF11729

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