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400 Watt Metal Halide Light Bulbs - Mogul Base

400 watt metal halide light bulbs with a mogul base for larger wattages.
400 watt metal halide light bulbs with a mogul base for larger wattages.
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400 watt metal halide light bulbs with the larger mogul base are used in a lot of applications for general lighting where good color is desired. They have a brilliant white light that will let you differentiate between colors, and that's especially important in where people need to be able to see vehicle colors. In fact, they're often used in color critical areas where the yellow color of high pressure sodium simply won't do. It's the most popular wattage rating of any metal halide and it's used in warehouses, production facilities and the outdoor lighting applications we mentioned. They can typically be burned in almost any position, having a universal orientation.

Product features:
- Pure white light.
- 36,000 lumens.
- Mogul base, much larger than a standard light bulb base.
- 400 watt.
- Clear or coated.

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