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3M Projector Lamps

3M projectors light bulbs have been used in many types of projection equipment over the last few decades.  These aren't just specific to the 3M brand, but these can be used in almost any other manufacturer of overhead projectors.  The thing to keep in mind is that the three letter code will describe the wattage, the voltage and the shape of the lamp itself.  It's a standard code that will let us know, and let you know that you have the right bulb.  Look for this three letter code in almost any piece of projection equipment or slide projector equipment that you might have.  If you have lost that code or it's not on the bulb itself, and give us a call and we can help you determine which you have.  It's usually not too difficult as there are certain wattages and voltages that are used more commonly as well as a few that are a little bit uncommon.  These are high quality 3M projector light bulbs and you will find them to be a welcome addition to add reliability when giving your next presentation or classroom lecture.

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