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36 Watt PAR36 Halogen Light Bulbs

36 watt PAR36 halogen light bulb
36 watt PAR36 halogen light bulb
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Beam spread:
36 watt PAR36 halogen light bulbs had been used extensively in landscape lighting which include up lighting of trees, well lighting and many other types of low-voltage application. The rating of 36 watts actually saves energy over the standard PAR36. They have a screw terminal based in which you connect the leaves and screw them on. The 12 volt power is a standard for landscape lighting and is what you'll find most of the time. The beam spreads come in a few options. There's the wide flood which is something that's about 40ÃÃð beam spread. This one would be good for covering a larger area or maybe lighting up a faÃÃçade or maybe trees in landscape lighting. The narrow flood is something around 25ÃÃð and obviously narrows that beam of light so that you may use this to highlight a specific location of a larger area. This can be an effective way to draw attention to something you really want to emphasize without having a small spot of light. Which brings us to the last one which is a narrow spot. The narrow spot has a 9ÃÃð beam spread and this is for very specific things you want to highlight in a tight beam. It could be something like a flag or possibly a sign and even a certain type of landscape area. That focused area of light will give you a very bright contrast to the other light that it's around. No matter which type you use, it's a dependable light bulb that can accomplish a number of different lighting tasks.

Product features:
- Choice of beam spreads.
- 36 watts.
- 12 volt.
- Sealed beam flood bulb.

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