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35 Watt Linestra Light Bulbs

35 watt Linestra light bulbs with a small size and side prongs.
35 watt Linestra light bulbs with a small size and side prongs.
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35 watt Linestra light bulbs are the short linear incandescent light with a double prong base for a connection. It has two side prongs which go into a special socket that makes a firm connection. The light they produce is very flattering to skin tones and that's why they're often specified for bathrooms in homes and commercial buildings. These bulbs are rated for only 1500 hours average rated life, so when you're not using them, it's best to keep them shut off for a longer usable life. This 35 watt version is the lowest wattage you can get in this type of lamp and also the shortest among the family of linestra lights. Even though these are shorter than other wattage, they have the same great light that people find so pleasing. For those of you who want greater energy savings, we do have an LED version of this lamp that has a much longer life and has the same lighting effect, very flattering and understated.

Product features:
- A flattering light for bathroom lighting.
- Totally dimmable like any incandescent lamp.
- 230 lumens.
- 120 volt standard.
- An excellent choice for bathrooms and some task lighting.

These lamps are made with the highest quality standards providing a light that's going to last for many years of everyday use. Ideal for places like bathrooms, both home and commercial, display lighting and for many types of cove lighting. This is an incandescent light source, so it operates on 120 volt. These can be used on any incandescent dimmer. These lights will work in all light fixtures made for Linestra or Philinea lamps without exception.

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