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300PAR56 Flood Light Bulbs

300PAR56 flood light bulbs for stage & studio and other high wattage applications.
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300PAR56 flood light bulbs have been used in many types of stage and studio lighting applications for many years. The large fixtures that you see above most stages at a school or church house these lamps typically. These 300 watt lamps are a very large lamp with a mogul end prong base, a sturdy construction that makes a good connection. The beam spreads vary and depending on what you're trying to accomplish, which includes wide flood, narrow spot and more. The narrow spot is many times used in very high applications to get more light down on the stage. Along with indoor lighting applications, you'll see these used a lot outdoors as well in some flood lighting for buildings. That could be different types of faÃÃçade lighting or possibly a freestanding pillar or even sign lighting of different varieties. The diameter of the 300PAR56 bulb is 7 inches and is very large and it usually fits in some kind of ring light fixture that holds it in place. We also have the mogul and prong base which is what it connects to if that's something that is deteriorating in your light. Sometimes it's good when you change the bulb after a number of years to change the socket as they do get old and sometimes corroded. There's a lot of heat associated with this at 300 watts so every time you change the bulb you should inspect the wiring and the socket as a matter of planned maintenance.

Product features:
- 300 watts.
- 120 volt.
- Choice of beam spreads.
- Mogul end prong base.

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