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250 Watt Metal Halide Light Bulbs - Mogul Base

250 watt metal halide light bulbs
250 watt metal halide light bulbs
Price: $17.28

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250 watt metal halide light bulbs with a mogul base are used in many applications like warehouses, security and other types of places where a lot of light is desired. They have a brilliant white light which is also very energy efficient. This particular version has often been used in many types of roadway lighting applications where a brighter metal halide doesn't need to be used. It's a way to save energy over higher wattages like the 400 watt. And here's a safety consideration to keep in mind, this lamp tends to be a little more volatile than some of the other metal halide lamps on the market. The 250 watt has had more instances of breakage or shattering while in operation. That's why it's always used in an enclosed fixture whereas some of the other wattages aren't. If you have this in a gymnasium you have to make sure that the fixture is actually completely enclosed and that really goes for any other application as well.

Product features:
- Pure white light.
- Sylvania 64457.
- 22,000 lumens.
- Mogul base, much larger than a standard light bulb base.
- 250 watt.
- Clear or coated.

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