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15T6 Exit Light Bulbs

15T6 exit light bulbs to keep your exit signs illuminated.
15T6 exit light bulbs to keep your exit signs illuminated.
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15T6 exit light bulbs are typically used in a sign which is thinner than most normal exit signs. Because of the thin nature of that sign a narrower diameter light bulb was needed. The T6 is three quarters of an inch in diameter and that works great for a lot of these narrower signs. They come as a 145 volt which will give extra long life while still providing the light that you would need to illuminate the sign. The candelabra base is the exact same size as regular chandelier light bulbs that you might use in a decorative application.

Product features:
- 15 watts.
- 145 volt rating for longer life.
- Candelabra base.

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