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1383 Shatter Resistant Flood Light Bulbs

Price: $9.36
Item Number: BLF10595
1383 shatter resistant flood light bulbs are used in commercial buildings with elevators so often that people often refer to them as elevator light bulbs. It's an ideal bulb for that type of application because they are low voltage and resist vibration pretty well. The coating is made of silicone and keeps broken glass from escaping the coating itself. They offer a even flood beam which gives a nice soft feeling to whatever you're trying to light. These have a base in which you push and turn to get it into the socket, so it very secure. The R12 reflector will probably be the bulb of choice for elevators for some time to come.

Product features:
- R12 reflector mini flood.
- 20 watts.
- SC Bayonet base.
- 13 volts.
- A tough coated, shatter resistant keeps people safe.
1383 shatter resistant flood light bulbs to contain any potential broken glass.

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1383 flood light bulbs used in small fixture, a lot in elevators.
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1383 flood light bulbs are known as the #1383 lamp to many people in the commercial buildings. These are commonly used in elevator lighting and provide a durable lighting solution for high vibration areas.
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