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120 Volt to 12 Volt Step Down Transformer

120 volt to 12 volt step down transformer for low voltage lighting.
Price: $26.39
120 volt to 12 volt step down transformer takes your line voltage down to low voltage for many kinds of lighting. A simple unit that also works with dimmers giving you the ultimate flexibility for track lighting, landscape and more. It can be used with standard incandescent lighting or halogen, in either case you'll have the correct 12 volts that you need to power your low voltage needs. It's small size makes it perfect for almost any situation that requires a step down to a low voltage output. There are some people that have use this for other types of applications other than lighting, but this one is primarily made as transformer for lighting. That choice can be yours if it would be a suitable replacement or not for you. We don't make any warranty on anything that isn't used for its intended purpose. This one is solid-state electronic therefore it has no windings and it has a very small footprint so you could use it in some smaller light fixtures. There are many different applications for this transformer so call us if you have any questions or you're unsure about whether you can use it or not.

Product features:
- Solid state electronic.
- Short circuit, overload and thermal protection.
- Operate multiple lamps up to stated wattage.
- Step down transformers often used in landscape lighting.
- Up to 75 watt maximum wattage.
Item Number: BLF11003

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