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12 Volt Quartz Double Ended Light Bulbs

12 volt quartz double ended halogen light bulbs for high light output.
12 volt quartz double ended halogen light bulbs for high light output.
Price: $11.30
12 volt quartz double ended light bulbs that are used in low voltage flood lights, torch lamps and many more. It's unusual to have this kind of light in 12 volt, but here it is. Be careful not to touch the quartz glass with your hands when installing as skin oils can react with the quartz glass shortening lamp life. The ceramic ends are a sturdy construction so pushing them in a tight fixture won't break the glass tube. This is probably one of the most hard to find bulbs because it's most often not available in this low-voltage version. It's construction looks exactly the same but be aware that you must not use this in a 120 volt circuit ever. It will last for about half a second and then it will burn out and it's possible that the bulb could shatter. Most people have the higher voltage for their home or work situation, this 12 volt is an anomaly and almost never will you run into it. But for those of you who know that you have a low voltage double end quartz light, then this is the right bulb for you. Most of the time there will be a transformer somewhere before the fixture to bring it down to 12 volt. You'll see that it either mounted in an outdoor lighting situation or possibly on a plug-in type of light. Just make sure what ever type of lighting system you have that you know what voltage is required. 

Product features:
- 2,000 hour average rated life.
- 12 volt.
- 150 watt.
- Made for low voltage light fixtures.
Item Number: BLF15421

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