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12 Volt Decorative Light Bulbs

12 volt decorative light bulbs for low voltage lighting.
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12 volt decorative light bulbs are used in low voltage applications where a specific stylish look is desired. Many people use these in outdoor applications like post lights that are tied into a landscape lighting scheme. They will work on any 12 volt low voltage lighting circuit providing you have the candelabra base to screw them into. A candelabra base light bulb is the same thing as saying E12 base that so many people use for fixtures like chandeliers and some outdoor lighting applications. So this decorative type of low-voltage bulb is the same as regular decorative types that have been on the market for many years. Make sure you have the correct voltage feeding the fixtures you're going to use these in. So you can maintain the decorative shape you've always wanted while still maintaining your low-voltage lighting system properly. These 12 volt decorative light bulbs are only available in the clear finish but they do an excellent job at replicating a candle flame effect. You get a choice of several wattages which include 15, 25 or 40 watt so you're going to be able to have the brightness levels that you desire. These only come in a clear glass version, we don't have them in frosted and as far as we know they're not available. Just make sure that the the voltage you're feeding to this light fixture is 12 volt. If you screw these into a 120 volt socket they will flash out in a second, and you don't want that.

Product features:
- Choice of 15, 25 or 40 watt.
- Clear only. 
- 2000 hour life.
- Candelabra E12 base.

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