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100 Watt R40 Halogen Flood Light Bulbs

100 watt R40 halogen flood light bulbs.
Price: No longer available
100 watt R40 halogen flood light bulbs create more light with less watts saving electricity. These are the 5 inch diameter across the face, the largest size with a frosted face giving a smooth, even light. These work great in recessed or track lighting that has a 6 inch opening, the most common throughout the construction industry. 100 watt BR40 halogen flood light bulbs are a good replacement for incandescent 120 watt R40 floods.

- 2,500 hour average rated life.
- 5" face diameter.
- 100 watt.
- 1600 lumens.
- Halogen white light.

John's comment:
"A lot of folks who call us are very concerned that they won't be able to get the same kind of flood light bulb they had in the past. That would be the incandescent variety, and they almost panic, as the nice look they're used to will be going away forever. Not so. These BR40 halogen have the same appearance as old R40 or BR40 light bulbs except they have a halogen capsule inside. So the effect is the same, a nice smooth look for recessed or track lighting. It's more energy efficient too. Give it a try as the new standard in BR40 lighting, I think you'll like it as much as your old phased-out incandescent style."
Item Number: BLF16957

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