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100 Watt A21 Long Life Light Bulbs

100 watt A21 Long life light bulbs for changing bulbs less often.
Price: $6.36

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100 watt A21 long life light bulbs have been a regular use item for many commercial buildings for many years. The larger bulb makes possible higher wattage and a longer neck for deeper recessed lighting. It's been a popular product for many decades by facility managers that know they get good savings on labor. Home owners can now get the benefit of a longer life light bulb. These are rated at 10,000 hours which means they'll last about 13 times longer than the average retail store bulb. 100 watt A21 long life light bulbs have a clear or frosted finish which eliminated filament support shadows when lit. These light bulbs also are known as a vibration service or rough service variety as they withstand machine vibration or simply the slamming door in a home.

Product features:
- 100 watt A21 size and shape.
- Rough service construction.
- 100A21
- Frosted or clear.
- Brass base.
- Krypton gas fill for extended life.

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